Quezon City Mayor
Joy Belmonte


Quezon City welcomes you!

As one of Asia’s most dynamic and vibrant cities, Quezon City has undergone an incredible transformation through the years – from being the home of the working man as first envisioned by its founder and visionary to becoming the capital of the Philippines for more than two decades and now, the country’s most economically progressive urbanized city. 

I recognize the major contributions that tourism has brought to the city, not only in terms of revenues but also in social capital. Its reputation as a viable, live-work-and-play community makes it a paragon for development by other local government units. As a place that teems with cultural, social and economic assets, tourism is a significant growth driver to its development.

That is why our new tourism slogan bears repeating.  It bears our city and its citizens’ “welcoming” nature and its zest for life, love and nature – feel free to enjoy what we can offer. Walk in our parks, eat in our restaurants, learn about our history, celebrate in our festivities, stay in our hotels, meditate in our churches, enjoy in our recreational areas and of course, shop to your heart’s content in our places of commerce!

Feel at home here, because QC Welcomes You!

Mayor Joy Belmonte

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